Friday, April 19, 2013

Go Creative- Summer workshop

This summer vacation, I decided to conduct a small workshop for children of age group 7-12 yrs..

 Go Creative was our theme.
Children explored various ways of expression like thumb printing, spray painting, origami, paper collage etc.

This was the final output of the workshop.All these small girls made such wonderful things.

A small exhibition displaying activities conducted during workshop.
 Last day of workshop..
We had a small refreshing party and then photo session with our creative team.

Our creative team

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

My Experiments with cooking !!!! :) :)

Being a designer I always like to explore beyond the set parameters..
Whether it is in the field of design or any other..
Having some free time at hand..I have tried experimenting with food recipes..
Being an Eggetarian I have explored some recipes with Eggs and others are pure vegetarian..
Hope you enjoy this eye feast.. !!!!

Island Sundae:
This recipe is My younger sister's (Maitreyee's ) invention..

 Pasta in white Sauce
Raw vegetable- mild sweet salad
Boiled vegetable medium spicy salad

 Vegetable n grapes salad
Mix vegetable salad
Clear veg soup

 Red and green salad
Fruit salad

Clear vegetable Mint soup
Mix vegetable salad

Black forest cake !!!
On occasion of my brother's b'day.. !!!


Friday, June 3, 2011


काही गोष्टी मनात असून करता येत नाहीत..
काही शब्द ओठावर असून बोलता येत नाहीत..
असं का होतं कळत नाही ..
आपल्या मनातलं कुणालाच ओळखता येत नाही ..
सगळ्या गोष्टी बोलून दाखवायलाच हव्यात का?
डोळ्यातले भाव वाचायला कुणी शिकवत नाही का?
बोललो तर गैरसमज व्हायलाच हवेत का?
अबोल्यानी दुरावा निर्माण होतो का?
मैत्रीत सर्व काही माफ असत असं म्हणतात..
तरी पण काही मर्यादेनंतर चुका ह्या चुकाच असतात..
क्षणिक भांडणं परत मैत्रीत बदलतात ना?
का मनात धरून ठेवून कायमचीच दरी बनतात ?
कसं समजवावं त्या जिवाभावाच्या मैत्रीला..??
काही गोष्टी न सांगताच समजून घे ना...

                                                              - तन्मया राव 

Friday, March 25, 2011


People are so Unpredictable..Just like Monsoon Rains..
But still how can we stop loving the Rain..
Without the Rain life is lifeless..
                                                                              (c) Tanmaya Rao

At the end of the day..

Sometimes life goes on so fast with many turning points...
You don't even realize it that time flew away..
And at the end we seem to have reached the very first beginning ...
Strange isnt it??...
But the journey is an amazing experience..
                                                                            (c)Tanmaya Rao

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


दिवसागणिक बदलतात सगळे ..
कि बदलत असतो आपण स्वत:च ?? कुणास ठाउक ...
आपले परके वाटू लागतात...,
ओळखीचे डोळे ओळखच विसरतात...
बोलायला शब्द सुचेनासे होतात..
उरते ती फक्त नि:शब्द शांतता..
न मग अश्या शांततेत स्फुरते अशी एखादी कविता..
                                                                      -तन्मया राव 

Transcreation in English :


Who knows who changed....
Those familiar eyes are now strange.
Those once dearest to heart,
Now seem distant and lost....
All that remains  is the wordless silence,
And in this silence are born such poems...

                                      (c) Tanmaya Rao